Penny Kidman, Cert CII

Tom is a very enthusiastic and hard working IT professional. His ability to think outside the box was invaluable to a number of projects we completed together. A true nerd, in the best sense of the word, he stays one step ahead of the norm with his innovative style.

Operations Management & HR Specialist
Kevin Bastable

I have known Tom for 5+ years and worked with him for a number of those. Always found him knowledgeable, helpful and reliable in what he does.

Retired Insurance Director
Paul Hirst

Tom’s constantly evolving skill set is always ahead of the curve. I had the pleasure of working for Tom for three years in the Miles Smith IT Team and now count him as one of my best friends. Tom’s ability to consume technical information and apply it to real-world applications is unrivaled and always impressive. I can highly recommend Tom as he would be an asset to any team.

IT Systems Administrator at Miles Smith
Darren Ellis Cooper

Tom has been of great assistance in developing anything I require tech wise for my company. Helpful 24-7 a true gent.

Men’s, Women’s and Kids Branded and Unbranded Stock
Dario Verastegui

I was particularly impressed by Tom’s ability to handle various projects simultaneously. Tom is a hard working IT professional who is likable and a team player.

International Designer, Brand & Digital Marketing Consultant
Dr Xuxin Mao, FRM

Thomas is very highly skilled in modern technologies and has been my most valuable source for anything that is technically challenging to me.
He’s taken on and solved many problems with me and I shall continue to use his services and highly recommend him to my colleagues.
Thank you Tom, it is a pleasure to work with you.

LSE Visiting Fellow in Economics and ONS Advisor
Toluwalope Oni

Thomas is a hardworking and naturally gifted individual. His forward-thinking attitude, coupled with his proficiency in various technical aspects, make him a vital part of every team he works in.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Thread
Suzanne Hunt

Tom is willing to go above and beyond; bringing innovative marketing ideas to an older company. Highly skilled and always willing to help. If Tom doesn’t know it, then it probably isn’t worth knowing!

Stop Motion Animator & Puppet Maker
George Bostel

I have known Tom for over 10 years through our joint love of PC gaming, I have always know him to have an strong interest in the computer world, and from this he has developed a high level of server skills in maintaining corporate systems, there is no one i would trust more to run and administer a computer system of any size.

Technical, Shipping & Warranty Manager at Life Ionizers
Melky Manlapaz

If you’ve got IT issues that need immediate solutions, Tom is your guy! He’s very professional and extremely reliable! I will definitely recommend him! Thanks Tom for all your help!

Social Media Consultant at Social Milkshake
Simon Royle

Tom has a great talent in computer systems and information technology. I would highly recommend his technical services to anyone seeking for a digital problem to be solved – fast!

Photographer at Freelance Photography
Karen Bradley, Cert CII

Tom is the Miles Smith IT Guru Always helpful and extremely knowledgeable in his field.

Property Owners Team Manager at Miles Smith Limited
Andy Poole

Tom’s approach to System Administration is detailed, professional and sometimes bordering on Genius.

MGA Leader at Citynet Insurance Brokers
James Hilling

Tom is a fantastic freelancer an problem solver. Tom an I became friends when I was working for Miles Smith Direct (first 4 trades) . Tom an I have worked on a number of personal business projects , and has designed a couple of websites for me for my other clients.

I find Tom to be sophisticated , grounded. Experienced and technically gifted. I will be using toms services again in the very near future.

Record label A&R Talent Scout Radio Host
April Finch

Tom joined Miles Smith around the same time as me and as our system was not one I was used to, I have encountered problems,which he has always been quick and diligent at sorting out for me.If I need Tom, I am always confident that he will have the necessary IT skills and knowledge, to be able to resolve my problem.

Senior Account Exec at Miles Smith
Martin Parker

Tom has a good attention to detail and always responds promptly to IT issue’s as they may arise.

DUA/Binding Authority Manager
Marco Inzani

Tom is extremely knowledgeable in his specialist field of providing full computer and presentation support to a very busy Lloyds broking house across all of the diverse placing and administration teams.He is polite, diligent and hard working.

Producer at Lockton Insurance Brokers
Karen Pates

Excellent IT administrator resolved all IT issues swiftly and professionally very good and personable man.

High Court Enforcement Agent
Paul Johnston

Tom is always willing to help us non IT literate colleagues even with IT issues outside of working hours.

Client Director at Miles Smith Insurance Group
David Wardle

Tom is highly skilled in all matters of computer technology – an IT Yoda if you will – and is also very helpful. At work he is the go to guy on the office systems but also he has assisted me in some personal issues in his own time.

Product Analyst at Miles Smith Limited
Colin Birch

Tom is an excellent Systems Administrator. How he keeps Sector,the telephones, printers etc. running at Miles Smith as a team of 1looking after over 160 of us is well, quite amazing. Always willing to help and solve our IT problems.

Head of Risk and Compliance at Boston Marks Insurance Brokers Limited
Jason Thomas

I’ve worked with Tom assisting him on a project he was involved with. Tom had the arduous job of revamping the telecoms and technology set up of his current employers, (a large corporate financial company – Miles Smith).

Tom used his initiative to show increased efficiency and productivity while reducing cost to implement a new way of working through telecoms and bringing the company into the 21st century.

Tom came to me with an idea of what he wanted, he was very articulate as to what he was trying to achieve, usually ideas of this nature are mooted with a company of this size and stature, however with the backing of his superiors we have been able to draw up a plan of action and a road map that will achieve his initial goal, the relationship between myself, Tom and Miles smith has be further solidified by the challenge we have met head on.

I would recommend Tom to anyone looking for a someone with Analytical drive and Vision, and a great passion for Information Technology.

Account Manager at BT
Grant Robertson

Tom does a great job sorting out all our systems and phones. A problem never remains a problem for long.

Senior Account Ececutive at Miles Smith
Gary Brown

Tom has an exceptional talent. He has always demonstrated the drive and determination to succeed. He is a self taught web master, producing sites of the highest technical order. He has worked relentlessly to improve his skills and has become a true uber geek!

Tom has developed his skills in reverse engineering for gaming platforms, computer security and programming purely on his own undertaking. He would be a massive asset to any IT Security, Computer Gaming or software house. He deserves success and I would be more than happy to provide further reference for him.

Filmmaker, Editor, Screenwriter and Director of ManBright Films
Martin Jensssen

I would recommend Tom to all my friends, since he has much experience in both software and network security. He also has a great deal of knowledge in web design and implementation. Thank you Tom, you’re a star!

Neighborhood Hacker Llc.
Tom Smith

Tom and his guys did exactly what they promised, professionally and in a timely manner. I now feel much better about the security of my online presence. Highly recommended! Oh, and I refuse to work with anyone NOT named “Tom Smith”, so that was a plus as well!

Carrot/Cigar-Smoking Primate at IBM