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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Off-Site services for data backup and disaster recovery.

Viral Distribution

Viral Distribution

Creating suitable content for your online influence, without the hassle!

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Custom designed for your personal or business venture to showcase on the internet.

Business Agents

Business Agents

Custom designed for your personal or business venture to showcase on the internet.

Customer Testimonials

What the people say...

Here is what some of my customers have written for the work I am so passionate about. Have I helped you? Please leave your feedback!

Tom's approach to System Administration is detailed, professional and sometimes boardering on Genius. I highly recommend him for his outstanding work.

Andy Poole

Mr. Andy Poole

Commercial Director

I've had the pleasure of working with Thomas, and it's been a great experience. He's not only a great communicator but also a genuinely nice person. Working with Thomas is a pleasure, and I highly recommend him!

Céline Marcault

Mrs. Céline Marcault

Chief Operating Officer

Tom is an excellent Systems Administrator. How he keeps Sector, the telephones, printers etc. running at Miles Smith as a team of 1 looking after over 160 of us is well, quite amazing.

Colin Birch

Mr. Colin Birch

Head of Risk & Compliance

I was particularly impressed by Tom's ability to handle various projects simultaneously. Tom is a hard working IT professional who is likeable and a team player.

Dario Verastegui

Mr. Dario Verastegui

Head of Digital Marketing

Tom has been of great assistance in developing anything I require tech wise for my company. Helpful 24-7 a true gent.

Darren Cooper

Mr. Darren Cooper

Company Director

Tom is highly skilled in all matters of computer technology - an IT Yoda if you will - and is also very helpful. At work he is the go to guy on the office systems but also he has assisted me in some personal issues in his own time.

David Wardle

Mr. David Wardle

Product Analyst

Tom has an exceptional talent. He has always demonstrated the drive and determination to succeed. He is a self taught web master, producing sites of the highest technical order.

Gary Brown

Mr. Gary Brown

Head of Service Transition

Tom has developed a high level of server skills in maintaining corporate systems, there is no one i would trust more to run and administer a computer system of any size.

George Bostel

Mr. George Bostel

Xray Engineer

I find Tom to be sophisticated, grounded, experienced and technically gifted. I will be using Tom's services again in the very near future.

James Hilling

Mr. James Hilling

Commercial Team Leader

I would recommend Tom to anyone looking for a someone with Analytical drive and Vision, and a great passion for Information Technology.

Jason Thomas

Mr. Jason Thomas

Senior Account Manager

Tom is the Miles Smith IT Guru. Always helpful and extremely knowledgable in his field.

Karen Bradley

Mrs. Karen Bradley

Senior Account Manager

Excellent IT administrator, resolved all IT issues swiftly and professionally. Very good and personable man.

Karen Pates

Mrs. Karen Pates

High Court Enforcement

Tom has a good attention to detail and always responds promptly to IT issue's as they may arise.

Martin Parker

Mr. Martin Parker

Head of Delegated Authorities

If you've got IT issues that need immediate solutions, Tom is your guy! He's very professional and extremely reliable! I will definitely recommend him! Thanks Tom for all your help!

Melky Manlapaz

Mrs. Melky Manlapaz

Financial Advisor

Tom's ability to consume technical information and apply it to real-world applications is unrivalled and always impressive. I can highly recommend Tom as he would be an asset to any team.

Paul Hirst

Mr. Paul Hirst

Senior IT Administrator

Tom is always willing to help us non IT literate colleagues even with IT issues outside of working hours.

Paul Johnston

Mr. Paul Johnston

Client Director

Tom is a very enthusiastic and hard working IT professional. His ability to think outside the box was invaluable to a number of projects we completed together. A true nerd, in the best sense of the word, he stays one step ahead of the norm with his innovative style.

Penny Kidman

Mrs. Penny Kidman

Director of Operations

Tom has a great talent in computer systems and information technology. I would highly recommend his technical services to anyone seeking for a digital problem to be solved - fast!

Simon Royle

Mr. Simon Royle

Marketing Manager

Tom is willing to go above and beyond; bringing innovative marketing ideas. Highly skilled and always willing to help. If Tom doesn’t know it, then it probably isn’t worth knowing!

Suzanne Hunt

Miss. Suzanne Hunt

Team Leader

Thomas is a hardworking and naturally gifted individual. His forward-thinking attitude, coupled with his proficiency in various technical aspects, make him a vital part of every team he works in.

Tolu Walopeoni

Mr. Tolu Walopeoni

Finance Board Member

Thomas is very highly skilled in modern technologies and has been my most valuable source for anything technically challenging to me. He’s taken on and solved many problems and I shall continue to use his services and highly recommend him to my colleagues.

Xuxin Mao

Dr. Xuxin Mao

Principal Economist


Frequently asked questions...

Yes. You can connect with me over social media, or by using the contact form on this website. Alternatively, you may call, email or write to me.

Yes. Sources and project documentation are provided once the work is completed. These are all bundled in to an organised downloadable file for you.

Anyone who refers products or services is entitled to a percentage discount or a kickback. Please read the referrals page for further details.

Opening hours are from 10am to 10pm (GMT) Monday to Saturday. Business is closed on Sunday, and on British national holidays.

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