David Andrew Wardle

I created this website for an old work colleague who writes novels and short stories in his spare time.We opted for a simplistic user experience, and a design that reflected reading a book – with stylish page turning animations included! A long time ago … eating a Galaxy far, far, away I was not aware…

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Better Usability Testing Through Hacking Psychology

You probably know that usability testing is a must-have before launching the production of a digital product, app or website, but did you know that you could be sabotaging your own results? To prevent that, you should learn a few common mistakes that tend to occur during usability testing and how you can hack cognitive…

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Google BERT Optimisation

There has been a lot of discussion, of late, about Google’s new search engine algorithm, BERT. Some have heralded it as the most important update to Google’s search engine since … well, ever. Others seem to think that Google search is broken forever.

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