Raider #51

Having attended the #Area51 raid in 2019 you found documented evidence of an ancient alien civilization, as well as a strange artifact that seems to radiate an energy from within it…

The year is 2029, you published your story nearly a decade ago and since then you’ve climbed through the ranks of science and technology to become a key figure in space innovation.
The militarization of space has steadily grown over the past five years and you are tasked with heading up a newly formed military academy branching in to space exploration.

Little did you know,… The artifact you had found at #Area51 all those years ago had secretly sent a distress signal to the aliens, and in that time they have traveled through the galaxy following the transmission back to Earth!

After sending out a probe to communicate with the aliens, all efforts to translate their language have failed. They are still moving towards Earth at speed and have stopped communicating with us.
This could be the death of humanity as we know it! You need to act now and save the world from total destruction!

Fly Through Space… Shooting Everything in Your Path!