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Thank you for checking out my somewhat personal and rather professional online portfolio!
If this is your very first visit to the site then let me give you some brief information before you set off pointing and clicking wildly…

Graphical / Audio / Video
View and download design work from web templates to user-interface graphics,
free high-quality audio samples or fully customizable video introductions.

Online Tutorials & Community Support
View and download educational material from written theory to practical examples,
or request help from our very knowledgeable and extremely patient online community.

…Of course, those of you that are returning users of this site will already know the ‘brief’.
However, recently there have been many updates and changes you may not be fully aware of, like…

Our New Mobile Application
Using cloud computing technology and some very cool features to bring you the very best
content of this site directly to your mobile device wherever you are in the world.

Music / Games / Fun
Media playback is now much simpler than before! Try out our new gaming zone to pass the time!
Get rid of your boredom with some fun site activities!

Whatever or wherever you decide to go next is entirely your choice, but I hope you enjoy your stay!
If you use this site often to benefit from the content provided, why not register for free and receive extra benefits?