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I am passionate about art, it’s been a hobby of mine since I was a kid.
From drawing my favorite comic book heroes/villains with a felt-tip pen, to now creating digital images with Photoshop!

Any Event Entertainments - Bonded By Bass

Any Event Entertainments
Presents: Bonded by Bass

Recently I was asked if I was able to create a flyer for an event taking place very soon — but that I create the design in just one week!
Obviously this was a challenge, and the budget was exceptionally tight too, but I had to do it because the client was a good friend.

Bonded by Bass - Logo

Any Event Entertainments
Bonded by Bass Logo v.1

This is a simple logo I created a while ago. Nothing special, just a basic design which will be updated no doubt, in the future!
The image depicts a digitally splattered sub-woofer speaker on a white background, with some text underneath, followed by a robot.

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