Life, Work & Ambitions 

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All content viewable within these sections of the site are either my own creation, a collaboration, or that from which I am able to display through public licence agreement.
I will outline all content produced by myself with a bold text heading. Anything marked in underlined text is a collaboration of my work and another party.

Please note that any and all content provided on this website is subject to GNU terms and conditions, should you require further information with regards to GNU regulation, please click here.
I actively encourage feedback of any form. If you would like to comment on any material posted, please first make sure that you are registered and logged in, then follow the individual post guidelines within the forum.

Graphic Designs

From drawings scetched out by hand in a bored state of mind, to digital works of art crafted over months, I have uploaded a ton of both past and present projects to show you what I’ve been messing with over the years.
Please understand that some of this is pretty ‘off-the-wall’ and sometimes completely weird — but that’s my style! I like dark and grime themes, nothing too gothic though… Well, I’m sure you’ll find out once you hit this page.

Music Production

Is another hobby that’s been with me for years. Here you can play old practice sets I compiled for online radio shows or nights out I’ve played at, and you can also find some turntable scratching sessions if you dig deep enough!
Of course, I also have more recent tracks I’ve produced as well as collaborations between other artists in the genre I create music under (mostly Drum’n’Bass, Jungle & Dupstep). There are also many free samples available here.

Visual Presentations

Everything I’ve dabbled with visually, including home movies and random animations I’ve created. Signatures and avatars I’ve created for use on a number of different online communities are also gathered within this part of the site.
Like with most stuff I’ve added to this website, I clearly detail what I use to create the content you see here, and also sometimes I even try my best to give clear descriptions of why I recommend using them for your own projects!

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