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Web Design & Development
Online Services

Music Composition & Production
Creating Noise

Programming & Reversing

I love being creative, and try my hand at a wide variety of different things on computers — which is not to say I’m particularly good at any… But I try!
Regardless, here is my portfolio that I hope will give you more of an insight into a few of my hobbies.

When I first began to catalogue information about myself and the projects that I dedicate the most time to complete, this website was created to house mostly eductional work that I had done through study.
It also doubled as a place to grab ‘home-grown’ software from here and there, but the whole system was ultimately flawed and as the website grew larger in content the navigation became very irritating, thus database problems ensued.

So, after a year off from studying I went back to the drawing board and finally after months of arranging, re-cataloguing, moving, fixing and adding more easier methods to access the content, along with tweaking a fresh design, I am pleased to announce that you are now looking at a far more superior website than ever before, folks!