Native Instruments

I have been dabbling in the production of music since 2003, when I started Access2Music in Brighton. The course I enrolled in we were taught the fundamentals of music production, and in particular, the production of House music (which I wasn’t that in to) – so following usual music production classes I would stay behind after the lesson to quiz my music tutor on how one could produce Drum’n’Bass and Jungle beats instead!

I have always had a passion for music production, even before I knew how to create it – always humming something in my head! I still tend to make the odd beat now and then purely to escape a usual routine…
You can find some of my work online at SoundCloud, though I don’t release any finished tracks online, I do bundle the core audio files and instrument plugins (such as Bass sounds, Drum hits, Sound effects, Synth noises, etc.) that I’ve created for some of the tracks, and then sell them instead.