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Life, Work & Ambitions

So…. It’s been a while since my last confession – a lot has come to pass – so here’s the low down:


This year (September the 27th, 2014) I got married!

Honestly, I never imagined that I would get married, the cost is enormous (spent just over £15,000) and a small piece of green paper to verify an obligation of love and care to another human being is (in my opinion) irrelevant to the point that should you actually love and care for another human being, you shouldn’t require a small piece of green paper to confirm the fact.

However, I guess that as you grow with someone, and learn the emotional state of that person who you do care for very much, you would do anything to make them happy.
As it so happens, marriage was an evolutionary state which my partner deemed a necessary part of maturity, and so I proceeded in the knowledge that by confirming my love and care for my partner over the course of the rest of my life, that I could also give her a right to move in to adulthood.

Now, that may sound very clinical and calculated of me, but don’t get me wrong. I love my partner to bits, and I do care for her very much – she’s been with me at my worst, and supported me when no one else could, leading me to become a better person. She’s loving and caring of me, and I’d do anything for her. No, this isn’t some justification for me getting married, but it is a means to a new era within both mine and my partners life. At the end of it, I’m so glad that I got married to someone who I feel has grown with me, and I know we’ll be together for a long time coming!


Finally got a partner to help out with technical support – no more one IT guy versus two hundred users!

I’ve implemented a support ticket system (much like the one on this website) for the employees of the corporation to log incidents through – either by email or through a web portal. This has made a massive difference in the way in which problems are dealt with, and audit-able logs of these problems are kept. Which is great because now we can keep track of things, see trends through analysing the data – and most of all – I can let me assistant take care of business in a more structured and professional way!

It’s been a tough three years at the company, and from an operational stand point, we’ve been developing technology and providing solutions to systems which were (when I started) archaic.
Seriously, when I arrived we had nothing but a shitty Windows NT server doing basic digital sending work and providing tape backup of what was a tiny local file server.

Now, we’re cooking on gas!

In three years we’ve gone from a company with little to no technical support, days waiting for IT assistance from a third-party company who couldn’t care less about service level agreements, and users who waited patiently as their productivity dropped, having to cope with a system that was fundamentally unchangeable … To a company that now has VOIP capability and cross site communications, including local virtualisation and a system that has the flexibility to provide IT solutions based from modern technology – with technical support problems solved within hours of a request logged!

Yes, it’s been a busy few (stressful) years for me… But I’m proud of what I’ve achieved overall, and as we continue to grow I hope to evolve my career further, but in any case I’m sure it’ll look good on my curriculum vitae!


Moving forward, I am looking more towards developing infrastructure through cloud based virtualisation of systems and services, this (in my opinion) will ultimately be the future of technology – as everything becomes a “service” – I’m sure. So trying to be at the bleeding edge of technology is what I plan on achieving through studying these technologies.
Mobile technology progresses and continues to develop, and web technologies continue to evolve, so too does the software underpinning it all, so to that end, I’ll be constantly refreshing my knowledge within these areas and moving with the times…

I’ve had a few opportunities this year to move in to the mobile application industry, however, as I still have my personal goals to complete within my current job I’ve felt that I should stay the course and finish what I’ve started – purely to appease my own moral compass. There is still much to do, and as I hope to build the division of which I’ve had help in creating through the support of my boss, I feel that it is the right thing to do in order to eventually move on and evolve in to other areas of expertise, safe in the knowledge that the company will have adequate technical support should I decide to leave once my goals are completed.


My apologies for not updating this website more frequently – as you can see – I’ve been keeping very busy!
I guess as you gain more responsibilities, you also have to sacrifice time on your hobbies…

Never-the-less, I hope that I’ve adequately given insight in to the events which I’ve experienced in the time that I have not been refreshing this site.
Expect a trickle of content here and there as I try to bring this website up-to-date, but as I’m sure this website no longer gets much attention, you’ll probably not notice the difference – hah!

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