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To The Future… And Beyond!

I realise it has been a while since my last post, but 2012 has been pretty mental for me – in fact – I don’t think I’ve had such a relentlessly changing year of diversification in a long time!

I won’t bore you with specifics, but those who know me will already know that my life (and luck) can drastically change in a split second… One day I will be dealing with one situation, and the next day I’ll be in a completely new location working on something else entirely – it’s a constant chain of one event after the other in an endless sea of random situations that life fires consecutively at me in quick succession!

It can be awesome at times, but it can equally break you down if you let it… but that’s an entirely whole different topic, and I’m trying to keep it light today in order to drop this noteworthy year of topical randomness in to the pages of my blog, for the wayback machine to consume, before I move on to the next life changer!

I’m back in full-time employment, which is a refreshing change from having to juggle the proverbial ‘talent’ pies in order to feed my lifestyle… This may be a long-term thing now too, as I’ve finally found a really enjoyable place to work, people that are friendly, and supported by a decent employment package with plenty of benefits! Plus, I really like being my own boss, I have the ability to make executive decisions here on potential technology implemented within the company environment, and how this technology is distributed throughout the business infrastructure to its rapidly growing 170+ staff.

My personal life is now settling back down to what many would consider ‘normal’… For a few months at the start of the year I was having to brave the great outdoors! However, I’ve now settled in a new flat, and happy to continue my work from a safer location than an abandoned warehouse or junkie crack den – for the foreseeable future!

Expect a whole bunch of new stuff now I’m back – I have plenty to release that has festered in my absence, but rest assured, this will be sorted.
I won’t give away too much in this pointless topic – but I’m also working on a number of online projects with some old friends and community members – so watch this space for more information…

Lastly, I am currently looking for programmers to work with me on a new project relating to gaming – so if you know anyone, or you’d like to apply yourself – email me – this is a paid position, so if you need £££ and you have the skills, please get in touch!
Thank you for reading, and prepare to be bombarded with new content, coming soon!

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