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It’s back and better than before – DEVIOUS100 – your fix for online arcade-style gaming, and a place to pick up the odd retail game cheat or exploit too!

Founded in 2008, Devious100 caused a scene to emerge quite rapidly within the game hacking community, and soon boasted over 4,000+ users!
The website back then was more ‘news-group’ style, with only very subtle links to online arcade gaming, but today it’s all about the arcade… With over 1,500+ games to play, and a chance to join our contributing community while membership is free – you should go check it out!

At present, the website has had a complete overhaul, the new look is certainly a lot more intiutive, but there are some great little easter-eggs tucked away as you navigate through page after page of awesome arcade games.
Note that unregistered visitors have to contend with some advertising in order for the community to earn revenue, but, registered members are free from any adverts. So please go and see for yourself, then come back and give us your verdict!

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