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Current Events


These days things are moving forward, and evolving, in my personal and business life… Whilst nothing is perfect, I feel I’m making good progress to achieving world domination!
I’ve also decided to go back into training, refine some skills and refresh the brain cells on outdated knowledge – as well as learn something new!
I’m sure you’ll get to read about these shenanigans in a future blog post, but for now this is all I will say… Watch this space!

Gaming Addiction Strikes

Recently I gave my online gaming community website a revamp, which in turn triggered an old habit I had once to dedicating some hours (late at night I may add) to pwning n00bs and trash talking others as I blow holes in their skulls with my AK-47 etc. etc.
There are some pretty cool first-person games trickling out as their production cycles come to fruition, and sure enough, I’ve teamed up with my old gaming buddies as we tear up the battlefield once again!

More Website Updates

You may or may not have noticed but I’ve upgraded some aspects of this website. Though I will leave it to you to figure out – ‘cus that’s what makes it fun!
I’ve recently been creating a lot of WordPress related plugins and theme designs. These can be viewed in both the software applications section, and can be downloaded within the source code section of this website.
More downloads and content for your viewing pleasure has now also been added to the website, so keep your feedback coming!


I find myself digging steadily deeper in to the wonderful world of PowerShell and Microsoft Windows products!
It sounds obvious, but automated systems scheduled correctly can make your life 100% better – I got through a ton of otherwise laborious tasks, merely by using the power of shell!
Moving up in the world I’m now situated in my own personal snug glass office, a whole three floors up from my previous location. Not that I communicate very well with others, it’s nice to be amongst the users…

Miles Smith Website Overhaul

Sexier design, easier navigation and engaging appeal are just some of the keywords I could think of for the new look!
Though unfortunately I’m not in the project of building it, I still think it’s certainly a much better place to go to than the last horrid theme…
Of course, I would hope at some stage I could help market it for the team – and at this point I’d like to say: “greetings” to the one we secretly call Mad Dog Madeira!

eCommerce Development For Sale

Some of my private clients always question why I don’t develop more eCommerce websites. I guess I never really found a solid reason to host anything like that, especially since the majority of my clients use PayPal.
However, about a month ago I was asked this question again in the same hour by two long-time business friends – and online gaming buddies! So, I decided on creating something for them…
To see what I came up with you may wish to visit the website projects section.


Thin clients (no, I don’t mean anorexic business prospects) – so many to program, looking for a way to ease my potential frustration by getting some personal refresher study time in on the various flavours of Unix – again!
I find myself tinkering with these little HP terminals quite a lot since I started my new job – mainly for the fact that about 120+ are in use throughout the corporation… But it’s interesting, these little blighters are actually pretty fun – once you fully understand their potential. I mean, what better method than giving a dumb user a dumb terminal?

Valve Software Multi-Hack

A multi-functional source engine solution code is in the works, and almost complete!
Those of you with private access can take part in alpha testing on the 31st of October 2012 – if you would like to become a private member then all you need to do is register an account and then email me.
This new multi-hack will boast a completely undetected method of bypassing Valves Anti-Cheat mechanism! More information to come…

My Android Project #007

I had an idea the other night for an application created on the Android platform to enhance your phone and unlock it to it’s full potential regardless of operator or handset provider customisation.
So, I’ve decided to act upon this idea, and beginning to take steps to developing the software… Sure, it’ll take a while to realise, but you can garantee it’ll be made freely available with no cost – right here!

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