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Better Usability Testing Through Hacking Psychology

You probably know that usability testing is a must-have before launching the production of a digital product, app or website, but did you know that you could be sabotaging your own results? To prevent that, you should learn a few common mistakes that tend to occur during usability testing and how you can hack cognitive…

Google BERT Optimisation

There has been a lot of discussion, of late, about Google’s new search engine algorithm, BERT. Some have heralded it as the most important update to Google’s search engine since … well, ever. Others seem to think that Google search is broken forever.

Digital Trends 2020

Want to know what technology will help your business surf towards success in 2020? You need to make sure that you’re riding the wave of the future… Here’s my rundown of five digital trends which are already The Big Kahuna!


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