My Agent

Utilising artificial intelligence to engage with and communicate to other human-beings through conversation is an art form in and of itself. I’ve been somewhat passively modelling and training my own bot to engage in a similar way to how I would respond and interact with people online. You can interact with (and by extension, help train) this agent by communicating to it yourself… It’s quite cool — though it may still be a little primitive occasionally!


Basic interactivity

General user engagement routines such as common greetings, small talk and contextual behavior.

// Usage Examples:
"Who are you?"

Ticket logging

Store inquiries, flagging keywords for an appropriate context based from conversational analysis.

// Usage Examples:
"I've got a problem!"
"Can I log a ticket?"

Web scraping

Explore and harvest many types of data from the internet for subsequent deep learning.

// Usage Examples:
"Let's scrape!"
"Have you scraped recently?"

Should you wish to give this a try, be my guest, say “Hello” to TECSmith using the conversation frame to the right of this web page (or below if you’re using a mobile phone to view this web page). Your input will be logged for reference and subsequent response training for what I hope will soon be the digital equivalent of communicating with yours truly!


These are the services I have currently enabled for myself, to maximize the advantage of using cloud-based autonomous systems.

Tasked with a variety of jobs which I consider to be easily forgotten about, these integrations help out a lot when you’re going solo!

Amazon Alexa

Helps me keep track of the various projects that I have, important meetings I need to attend and people I should connect with.


Responds through my company social media page and aides potential customers or business associates find their solution.


Searches for business connections and pairs usernames with their publicly known information from social networks for better analysis.

Microsoft Cortana

Handles much the same as the Amazon Alexa integration, this service just gives me a visual aid for my laptop, phone and Xbox.


Posts my business and market trends as well as key performance indicators that I can review and interrogate further if required.


Posts new content from this website to my associated account, and interacts with other users through direct message.