Life, Work & Ambitions 

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I have been really busy compiling both software applications and website projects in order for you to see what work I’ve done within these areas, however, some content in this section may only be available to those who register.

With this in mind, I have added but a few key references of work within this public section of the website to demonstrate my working knowledge. To access more ‘private’ projects please make sure you log in and then click here.

All content viewable within these sections of the site are either my own creation, a collaboration, or that from which I am able to display through public licence agreement.
I will outline all content produced by myself with a bold text heading. Anything marked in underlined text is a collaboration of my work and another party.

Please note that any and all content provided on this website is subject to GNU terms and conditions, should you require further information with regards to GNU regulation, please click here.
I actively encourage feedback of any form. If you would like to comment on any material posted, please first make sure that you are registered and logged in, then follow the individual post guidelines within the forum.

Software Applications

Writing software applications for mobile devices is currently an area I’m most interested in. Sure, I’ve written stuff for the Microsoft Windows operating system — but now I’m diving in to Google’s Andriod platform!
However, just so that some of my more vintage visitors don’t get upset, I’ve listed some of my previous work on Windows too — some of which will soon be ported (I hope) in some form to Android… But it’s early days…

Website Projects

Creating websites and building online communities has long been a great tool for me to learn and share various ideas with others. Hell, I wouldn’t have been inspired to rebuild and drag this website into a coherant structure if I didn’t think that maybe somewhere here there is something for someone else to take advantage of. So here you will find a whole host of design templates, CGI modules, scripts, databases and much much more to wet your appetite for webmastery!

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