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Kinect MIDI to MAC

Instead of making a stop motion video of my giant Lego man (you can see him in the video below) like I was planning to do, I ended up playing with Processing again. Basically I didn’t really have the right space to setup my stop motion, and I really needed to have a green screen to do what I wanted to do. But its all good, no time wasted as I was very productive anyway!

Firstly, heres the video of my creation today: Kinect MIDI Controller on Mac. You can view it by downloading a highly practical, yet completely open-source media player – Get VLC!

Now an explanation…

In summary, I am waving my hand around in the air like an idiot and it is controlling the music coming from my computer. The hardware and software components that are at play here are Microsoft Kinect -> Processing ->Ableton Live and Novation Launchpad. I had a chat to my friend DJ MR.E and he had some good tips for me on how to setup Ableton clips to make the transitions smoother and sound more musical. When I have time, I’ll set up a whole song and give a better performance!

A bit more detail…

Basically, the Kinect is sending the location of my hand to Processing which is in turn sending MIDI note on messages to both Ableton Live and the Novation Launchpad. In this version, I have separated the grid into 4 quadrants, each on playing a different MIDI note that is going into 2 channels in live. The first channel has an arpeggiator triggering an Impulse drum kit, and the second channel has an arpeggiated synth. The lights on the Launchpad are also set to light up each of the quadrants as they are triggered.


Here are some links if you are after more information.

Software Links:

Hardware Links:


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One Response

  1. DJMRE

    Had to be done! I’m confient that (at least) off-cuts from Kinect will be bringing so much to the table in dance music over the coming years.. Watch this space… I’m sure of it!